Friday, July 6, 2012


The last week of June was our VBS at College Hill. It was fabulous, as usual, and this was Kate's first real year to participate. She went last year, but you know, she's really starting to remember stuff now. She was NOT a fan of the singing in the auditorium.  The first night she went, one of her teachers had to take her to the nursery. It was too loud for her. The second night they only went to the cry room, so Kate could still see all the kids dancing around and singing loudly, and the third night she allowed Christy to just take her to the back row of the auditorium. She made some progress, but she still wasn't a fan of the loud singing and movement.
Class time she loved though, and she told me each night what they learned about.  I love it when she remembers things from Bible class. One night after VBS, when she was taking a bath, I said "Let's wash your feet." and she said "Like Jesus!".  It was too cute.  
Trey went with us too, which he does each year. He said it was cool being in the oldest kids group this year.

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