Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meet Tom and Jerry

Walmart, those clever marketing tactics of theirs.....well they cost me $20 the other day. Kate and I were picking up some items we needed and right smack in the center aisle there was a big display full of betta fish so Kate and I stopped to admire the fishies. I picked up a pretty red and purple fish so Kate could see him up close and she said "I can have that sishy?" (her poor Fs still sound like S) and who can resist that? So I said sure! I then picked out the water drops we'd need for the tank and some food, and I was just going to use a jar we have at home but wouldn't you know that the clever marketing people had placed some cool tank options on the display and a complete set up with little plastic trees and everything was only $8?  The best part of the $8 tank is that it held not only one betta but had a partition for TWO fish in one tank! (They fight, so you can't house bettas together.) Well what a deal....so we picked out a pretty blue fishy to go with our red and purple one.
When we got them home, Kate helped me set up the tank. I let her decide on the marble colors (the sad little bag of rocks that came in the $8 aquarium were just not fancy enough for our fishy) so she chose red for the red fish and blue for the blue fish. She's creative like that, you know.  Then I told her we could name the fish, and she didn't quite understand that concept. Every baby doll that she has she names Kate, unless it's a character that already has a name or I suggest one.  So I said, "How about Tom and Jerry?!" Kate loves watching Tom and Jerry, so I thought she would think it was really cute.  Instead she looked at me like I was insane and said "But they are sish."  So I suggested Red Fish and Blue Fish (a little nod to Dr. Seuss) and she agreed.
Later that afternoon Yiayia came by for a few minutes and Kate showed her the new fishies, who she introduced to her as Tom and Jerry and proceeded to tell her that Tom was the blue one. Soooooo maybe Mommy isn't a total moron after all.  Much to the cat's dismay we keep Tom and Jerry up on a shelf out of reach for now. They come down when it's time for Kate to feed them each day.

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Jamie said...

I love your new "sish"! I think it's great that she matched the marble colors to the fish. I just talked to Ashley about maybe getting a beta for Luke, but he was pretty appalled at my insensitivity when I said I just wanted Luke to have the experience but I hoped the fish wouldn't live too long because I don't really like cleaning fish jars. So I don't think we're getting a fish. :)