Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Granny Louise passed away this evening.  I don't have more to say about that right now, but I thought I would share the last photo I took of her.
We were in Mt. Pleasant for Aunt Nell's funeral.  We stopped b y the nursing home to see Granny and visit for a little while, but we didn't stay long. She didn't have any idea who we were. She sat and ate her lunch (which was a good thing because she hadn't been eating much lately) and talked pleasantly with us. She played with Kate a little bit and told her how pretty she was.  But the fact that she was her great granddaughter didn't register. We might as well have been complete strangers.   My Dad, pictured here sitting with her while she ate, couldn't handle it so we didn't stay long. I can't imagine not knowing my daughter. It is a dreadfully scary thought.

Alzheimer's is ugly. It takes away the people you love. As to what it leaves in its place I have no idea. I was told by people around her in the nursing home that Granny still enjoyed playing 42 and probably still knew how to cheat just right. Isn't that amazing? The human mind is such a foreign land.

We will travel to East Texas this weekend to say goodbye. Maybe I will have more to say then.

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