Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Bosedum

After asking for several days if we could go to the "bosedum" and play, I finally took Kate again so she could have a museum day. I think the Fort Worth Museum of Science is perfect for kids - they have lots of rooms where kids can create art projects and all the supplies they need to do so, a huge play room with different learning activities for the little ones, and of course dinosaurs, which sometimes Kate wants to see and other times she's terrified of them. You just never know. But she was very excited about going to the "bosedum" (I love to hear her say that!) so she even got herself dressed while I was putting on my make-up.
We started off in the craft room where Kate made a party hat and then colored a couple of pictures before she decided she was ready to go play.  She loves the craft room because she can cut up paper with scissors! After she completely cut up a whole sheet into a million pieces, I convinced her to glue some tissue paper to her party hat and then I added the ribbons that she picked out.
She loves the grocery store. When it's busy, it's nearly impossible to secure your own shopping cart because there just aren't enough to go around. But since school started back up, there was a small group of people there so Kate walked right in and grabbed her cart and began shopping. Then she headed over to check out her groceries.
Unfortunately my allergies started really acting up that day and we had to cut our museum trip short, but that's the beauty of having a membership - spend an hour, don't feel guilty.  I really can't wait for the weather to cool off a little bit because the Fort Worth Zoo has a new rhinoceros baby and I know Kate will love to see that!!  Although it's September, the temperatures all this week are supposed to be in the 100 range. That's just crazy! The Zoo will have to wait.

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