Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vacation Day 3: Beach Combing and Port Aransas

After nap time we decided to go to another spot I had read about online for some more beach combing. Kate was initially excited about going back to the beach, but after a short while she was done with the wind. I, however, could've stayed out there for hours looking for treasures. As it is, I found several more pretty shells for our collection, a bunch of half sand dollars, a few pieces of bright pink barnacle, 4 pairs of sunglasses, and a big tooth that I'm guessing belonged to a shark. I also saw 2 dead fish, a dead stingray the size of a dinner plate, a large Justin boot, several baggies and a sweatshirt.
After Nick convinced me it was time to leave, we headed over to Port Aransas to eat dinner again and look around. We went out to the jetty so we could watch the big ships come in, and Kate was pretty impressed with that. The largest ship we saw was carrying a load of fancy yachts.
After the jetty we headed into town for some grub. I had blackened mahi, crab cakes, and grilled shrimp. Nick had blackened flounder. It was yummy!

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