Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Vacation Day 3: White Cap Beach

This morning we headed back to the beach for some more sand castle building fun.  We selected a different beach today than yesterday, although we weren't too far from where we had gone previously.  It's a good thing we went beach combing yesterday because this particular section of the beach didn't have hardly any of the tiny coquina clams like yesterday, so there wasn't much to be seen.  The current was crazy todaywhich meant not as much time in the water as yesterday. Even I had trouble standing at times so we definitely didn't let Kate wander out too far. She got a lot braver about running into the surf so we had to be very careful with her today.
Instead of a fort like we built yesterday, today we worked on a hole. I know, it sounds thrilling, but we were building a swimming pool for our castle.  We dug and dug and dug and even built a wall around the bottom half so that if the waves washed up that far we could keep the water out until we were ready for it.  Well the tide decided when we were ready and kept washing our wall away, even though we were pretty far up the beach.  At one point though we caught three tiny fish in our pool, and I quickly filled in the side where the water was flowing back to the ocean so we could watch them swim for a bit. We had to wash them back out to sea pretty soon because the water was draining down into the sand, but it was pretty cool while it lasted.
We only stayed around 2 hours this morning before Kate decided she was done.  That was really more than enough time because we were all getting a little tired. Sand and wind and ocean waves are just simply exhausting. I'm going to be finding sand for the next 4 months I know. Yesterday I even had a stow-away clam in my swimsuit bottom! Not sure where he thought he was going.  It's much more glamorous sounding before you actually get there.
Currently Daddy and Kate are napping. Not sure what our evening plans will entail but I'm sure it will be fun regardless.

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