Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trunk or Treat!

Tonight was trunk or treat after evening church services. This year it was actually cold so I had to make Kate wear a long sleeved shirt under her Tinkerbell customer and she was SO not pleased with Mommy messing up her outfit. She refused to wear the wings though and finally decided to head outside for candy and games.
 Once I opened a sucker for her to eat, her demeanor and mood changed quite swiftly and she was more than happy to get more candy after that.
We have such a wonderful church family and everyone just loves Kate, especially her Bible class teacher Mrs. Lisa.
I love how many little girls we have at church all the same age. I hope they always get to grow up around each other.
We ended the night with a pretty cool fairy wand and a bucket full of candy. Although her little hands were ice cold, I think Kate would have stayed out there all night playing with her friends and asking for more candy.

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