Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Kate and I went to Flower Mound to visit the pumpkin patch last week. I didn't take her last year so I definitely wanted to do it this year.

This particular pumpkin patch has a whole yard full of yard art pieces in depicting different cartoon characters, and Kate wanted her picture taken with pretty much every single one of them.
I even had to take her picture near the characters she didn't know. Some of them I didn't even know, but she enjoyed herself. She had to be touching the yard art somewhere before I could take her picture. She spotted Barney and Baby Bop from across the yard and completely freaked out and ran over to them. Apparently they were her favorite of the day.
Well Barney had to share the spotlight with Boots. She wasn't quite as excited about Dora, although she loves Dora, but Boots? Forget about it - he's the man/monkey!
Then we wandered out to the pumpkin patch itself to take a few photos amongst the over-priced pumpkin. Seriously, do people pay $50 for a basically dying piece of fruit? Crazy.
It was out in the pumpkin patch that I realized I have failed as a parent. Naturally they placed the yard art of Linus and Charlie Brown in the pumpkin patch, and Kate ran over to Charlie Brown and said, "Mom, look! Caillou!" My kid doesn't even know who Charlie Brown is! This is unacceptable! (Caillou is this extremely annoying, whiny toddler character that makes me want to stick sharp objects in my ears.)
We went over to look at the other tiny pumpkins and alien looking fruits and veggies they had displayed before deciding we were done for the day.
I let Kate pick out a tiny little pumpkin because they were only 50 cents, and I might have purchased a loaf of pumpkin bread that I might have eaten all by myself over the course of the next couple of weeks....but I might not have. Just saying. Then we called it a day. 

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