Friday, October 12, 2012

Calloway's Fall Festival

Last Saturday Kate and I went over to Calloway's Nursery after our playdate with Kaylee so we could take advantage of the free fall crafts they had for kids. Kate was able to visit four stations where she got to decorate her own little pumpkin, then plant her own grass seed, she planted a small container of lettuce, and also repotted a pansy.  She wasn't too excited about the dirt activities and Mommy had to do most of the dirty work, but she was all about gluing the feathers on her pumpkin.
 She still shuts her eyes tight when I tell her to say cheese!
We had fun and she was quite proud of her creations.  This week we sat her plants in the windowsill so they could get sunlight and she was very excited when they started to sprout!

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