Friday, November 16, 2012

Budding Photographer

Kate has a couple of toy cameras that she really loves to play with so for her birthday I was excited that she got a "real" camera to take pictures with. It's kid friendly so it's easy for her to use and kind of indestructible. The pictures aren't of the greatest quality because it's just a couple of megapixels, but for starting out it will work. Yesterday I was photographing some new scarves for my Etsy shop and Kate decided to help me out.
 "See Momma? I took a picus too!"
 Then she started taking pictures of the van, the trees, the sky, and even tried to get a picture of an airplane flying overhead.
 So we may have a little budding photographer on our hands. That's okay by me - she can follow along in Momma's footprints.

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