Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Day with Grandma

 Christmas Day at Grandma's house was fun. We stuffed our bellies and then took a break from the warmth to go play out in the snow that fell. After we got tired of that, we came back inside to open our presents and have dessert. Kate got some more new furniture for her dollhouse, so she now has a pretty decent house full of furniture and things. She set up the living room set and the bathroom set that she got from Grandma, but I couldn't convince her to leave the potty in the bathroom - she sat it down in the living room so the people could go potty while watching TV, like she does. Ha.
 I made Mom and Richard a calendar like I did last year, so it was a big hit as usual.  Apparently I have started a tradition.
 We watched a couple of Christmas movies after we were in our sugar coma from all the pie and cake, and then called it a day.

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