Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve with Yiayia

 Christmas Eve is always spent at Yiayia's house. We gathered early to watch Christmas cartoons and eat sweets all afternoon before having a big tamale Mexican feast followed by presents!

The first gift of the day had to be opened before the sun went down, since it's an outdoor toy. Kate's aunt Karyn converted a boring old Barbie Jeep into a Care Bears Cloud Car for her.  She did a pretty good job too; it's a very close match! Kate was a little shy about riding it with everyone watching, so we didn't stay out long.
 At some point she had to make an outfit change into her Cinderella dress so she could open her gifts. Why not?
 Guess who had the largest pile of presents?
 As Kate passed out presents, with Daddy telling her where each gift went, she would hand over the present and say "Merry kissums!" to everyone. It was too precious!
 Aunt Karyn also made Kate a new apron for baking her treats at Yiayia's house.
 Daddy got her a gift card to her favorite restaurant, Cici's.
 Nick got an awesome Lorax quilt from his Mom and Nana.

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