Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fort Worth Photowalk

Last night was Fort Worth Photowalk 13 in Sundance Square. My local Instagram group gets together once a month to do what instagrammers do - take pictures of stuff. We did a night shoot this time so we could shoot the holiday lights and stuff. There were 17 of us all together and after walking we headed to Five Guys Burgers to eat.

What made this walk special is that it's my first walk being one of the co-leaders. The walks began in 2011 with a handful of people and have grown to as many as 40 or so participants at a time. Every one has a blast, but the co-founders were ready to pass the baton on to some new leaders who could devote more time to planning and executing the walks. So they asked me, Mandy and another guy, Joel, if we'd like to take over...and we said sure! So last night was our inaugural walk, I guess you could say.

The photowalks are one of the highlights of my month. I love the social interaction with people who I would otherwise never cross paths with and have made some really good friends through them. I also love the creativity of each individual. Collectively we make each other's pictures better.

Here's a few from last night:

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