Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Bosiremen

The other day Kate randomly told me that she wanted to make Christmas cookies "for the bosiremen" (firemen) and take them to the "sirehouse". I told her I thought that would be very sweet and that the firemen would really like that, so Nana and Yiayia helped her make cut out sugar cookies the next day and Kate decorated them with icing and M&Ms all by herself. Nana tried to help but Kate told her she was putting the wrong colors on.
 So today Kate and I headed to the fire station with her cookies.  When we arrived, I picked up the courtesy phone and was told by the dispatcher that there was no one in the station at the moment as they were out on a call. She said it could be about 15 minutes before they got back, assuming they didn't get another call. So I told Kate that they would be back soon and we would come back after we went to the store, but she was very insistent that we wait for the firemen to get back to the firehouse. Thankfully they showed up after about 10 minutes so after I told the paramedic in the ambulance why we were there, she told me to go ahead and walk around front and they would meet us out there after parking the trucks.
Kate carried her cookies proudly until the last 10 feet, and then she became completely shy and I had to hand the cookies over to the fireman for her. Three of them greeted us out front and were so sweet and friendly to Kate. They took us into the garage so Kate could see the firetruck up close and even let us climb inside, at which point the tears came and she had a meltdown.  One of the guys came back outside with a fire hat, sticker and even a white teddy bear for Kate which she named Sparky. We took a photo sitting on the front of the firetruck, and I could even get her to look up at the camera.
After she calmed down they took us into the fire station so Kate could see their Christmas tree, kitchen, classroom and gym, bedrooms and offices. We got the complete tour! She slowly began to warm up to them and by the time we were finished with our tour she was actually speaking to the firemen. She was a little disappointed that there was no fire dog, but overall I think she had a great experience.
As we walked out the door, Kate said, "Next time I won't cry, Momma."

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