Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pop Turns 60

My Dad turned 60 this year. Sixty! I don't think I'm supposed to be old enough to have a parent that is 60. Anyway, for his birthday I organized a family day of fun. We ate completely unhealthy burgers and fries and fried pickles at a local joint called The Grease Monkey, which is where I presented Pop with his presents. I painted a canvas with a Cowboys jersey, Pop, and the number 60 on it for him. Then attached to the back of the canvas were our tickets for the VIP Cowboys stadium tour that we were headed to next. He's a life long Cowboys fan and had not made it to JerryWorld yet, so we needed to correct that situation for him.
 Then we headed to the stadium and I quite enjoyed the VIP tour, despite having already been on the self-guided tour and been to a football game before. I was able to see parts of the stadium that I hadn't seen prior to this visit.
 Nick was unimpressed with the cheerleaders locker room. 
 I think Dad had a really awesome day. It was so much fun watching his face light up at different times as he strolled the "sacred" grounds of the Cowboys. Seriously though, it was cool to watch.
 The tour ends with them letting you run around on the field and if you have a football you can throw the ball around, or pretend to get a touchdown, or just tackle your family members for no reason.
 Of course Kylie practiced her cheer moves pretty much the entire time she was on the field and Logan didn't slow down for a second.
 We only had access to half of the field because that evening Amy Grant was performing. So one half of the field was blocked off and they had built a temporary stage in the end zone.  The band was warming up and doing sound checks, and wouldn't you know that Vince Gill himself, Mr. Amy Grant, was standing up on stage jamming. You know, like no big deal. I'm Vince Gill. Whatever.
The highlight of my day was an event of epic, hyper-ventilating proportions but it requires it's very own blog post. Hope you enjoyed your 60th birthday, Pop! (And no, in case anyone wants to know, we didn't buy him a single walker or wheelchair or anything!)

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