Saturday, February 9, 2013

PWAT- Valentine's Edition

Last night Nick and I went on our Valentine's date while Kate hung out with Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Trey. I took him to one of my favorite past times, a Painting With a Twist class in Grapevine. They were offering a couple's painting of a key and a heart, so it was perfect!
I let Nick choose which canvas he wanted to paint when we arrived, and he selected the key. I think it turned out to be a tad trickier than mine, but he managed to survive just fine and his painting was quite nice. I had already promised him that no matter what it looked like, I was going to hang them together in our bedroom so I was glad that he did well.

I made him nervous though. I also bothered him every time I tried to offer him a suggestion or advice. I honestly think he might have enjoyed the class better had he not been sitting right next to me. But I was good; during my down time I tried to get up and walk away instead of sitting there watching him. Just as it was bothersome for him for me to sit there and watch, it was driving me crazy to have to let him just do it himself and not grab my brush and "help". I have issues.

I think though by the end of the night he really enjoyed himself and might even be willing to go again....maybe just sit by someone else next time.

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{S} said...

lol! you guys are adorable! I bought canvases for Geo and I eons ago. they are sitting over there ---> untouched. I had wanted us to each paint one canvas and hang them in our room over our bed. Maybe I'll insist on us actually doing it for our anniversary this spring.