Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Shed

Valentine's Day was beautiful - the weather was gorgeous and since Nick and I had already taken our Hall-mark-holiday-date the Friday before I spent Valentine's Day painting the shed. So glamorous, I know.

I had originally intended to just paint the front and side of the shed that is most visible because I'm efficient (insert: lazy) but decided once I got started that painting the other side that you only see if you actually walk over to it wouldn't be a huge deal either so I did all three. The back of the shed sits about 2 feet from the wooden fence so even if someone wanted to walk around back there, the last thing they're going to be thinking is that it needs to be painted.

When Nick and Bill replaced all the rotted wood on the shed I had originally thought they were going to just replace both doors since they're just big sheets of particle board, but they decided to just replace the trim pieces. So the other day I spent a couple of hours applying wood putty to the doors in between the trim pieces because they have those icky looking age cracks. Well that sort of worked and sort of didn't, so I'm not terribly pleased with the doors at the moment. They look sad to me...but since I've already painted them I'm just going to have to come up with a creative solution to add a "decorative" element to cover the exposed icky door sections with something so that it isn't so noticeable that they have all those cracks. It's a "make it work" moment. I'm thinking maybe lattice, or perhaps something with tighter holes than that. I'll have to measure my sections and wonder around Home Depot one day.
 See? I just don't like the way it looks.

I got pretty close to finishing the shed, although I managed to knock my paint tray full of paint off the top of the ladder at one point and dropped my paintbrush about 10 times. But when I was all said and done it looks pretty good...fresher. It's nothing fancy, it is after all a brown shed. But it's an important feature of our house since our garage is enclosed and so it needs to shine as a prime place for storage.

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