Monday, February 18, 2013


Today ZeroRez sent a guy named Chris out to my house to clean the living room and office carpets and do the kitchen tile. Those were the three worst floors in the house so rather than just run over the carpets again with a regular carpet shampooer, we decided to let the pros come in and take a stab at it. Don't even get me started on the kitchen tile - I think I could sit in the floor with some magical Pinterest concoction and a brillo pad for three months and not have gotten the same results they achieved in about an hour today. For your viewing pleasure, the before and after diptics:
Living room:
Where the living room meets the tile:
 Look at the difference in the kitchen tile!!
 and the office, which despite using a carpet shampooer and many stain remover attempts on those pesky spots, I've never been able to get them up:
Hey, look, the carpet is pink in there. Wow. 

So even though it was a bit pricey (well I guess it was, I've honestly never had a professional carpet/tile service clean my floors before), I think we'll get our money back when we sell because it is such a vast improvement over what we had. Now the trick will be keeping it looking beautiful between now and then. If you're curious, the tile cost $2.25 per square foot to clean and would've cost an additional 25 cents per square foot to seal as well, but since we aren't staying, I wasn't worried about that. Then he did each room for $29. He also gave me a 20% off first-time customer discount, so in all with tax we spent right at $500. That's what better to me than spending 3 months scrubbing my tile with a toothbrush. And that my friends is what a savings account is for. I'm a happy customer today. 

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