Tuesday, March 19, 2013

8 years

Last week Nick and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. All week long at Disney, we wore our "Happy Anniversary" buttons every day so everywhere we went cast members (which is what all Disney employees are called) wished us happy anniversary everywhere we were. People shouted it from parades, everyone I purchased food from, even some of the face characters commented on it. They definitely do what they can to make you feel special when you are there.
We originally weren't going to do anything special for our anniversary. We had literally just got home from a not-so-inexpensive family vacation, after all. Plus we were still so tired. but on Tuesday we decided to send Kate over to Yiayia's house so we could at least go out to dinner alone. I decided, since our income tax check was deposited while we were away, that we would go big, so off to Texas de Brazil we went.
Several varieties of medium rare meats later, we were stuffed but still managed to split a piece of chocolate mousse cake. It's been my experience at churrascaria type places that the flank steak is usually my favorite, and it was definitely delicious that night as well, but I actually quite enjoyed the lamb chop that night and never have enjoyed it as much. Either way, it was all very, very good....and very, very not inexpensive. Good thing anniversaries only come around once a year.
Here's to 80 more! (well maybe not 80...I'd be awfully wrinkled by then.)

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