Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kate's bedroom ceiling

Ok, back to the business of selling the house, right? Everything can't be all sunshine-Disney every day (unfortunately. Speaking of, if I ever run away you will probably find me in hiding, working as a Photopass photographer at the Magic Kingdom. But don't come looking for me unless you just want me to take your picture.)

Anyway, we had one major-ish issue with house other than the shed and that was the ceiling in Kate's room. At some point before we bought the house, someone apparently fell through the ceiling it appeared (no evidence of water damage) and then did a really sorry job of patching the big rectangle they messed up. The texture was way thicker and very obvious in that area, so it made it appear as though there were issues there. So Bill offered to fix the ceiling while we were on vacation. Originally the plan was to skip scraping and re-texturing and cover it with board that matches the board around the bottom part of her room. Then he decided he'd rather just scraper and fix the texture instead. Once he scraped the patched area, it became obvious that whoever patched the ceiling did not use the same thickness of sheet rock as the rest of the ceiling, hence the uneven popcorn paint.

Since he really didn't want to mess with taking down and repairing sheetrock, back to the cover-it-instead plan. I like the results and it looks like the room was already like that, as if the ceiling was done the same time as the board around the bottom. So cross that one off the list too!

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