Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Flower Beds!

I finally got the flower beds planted last Thursday in anticipation of the upcoming listing. I once read online, and I'm totally not making this up, that research shows that when selling your home it's best to plant yellow flowers because "yellow makes people want to spend money" or something like that. I have no idea why someone would even conduct a study like that, or if it holds any truth whatsoever, but when it comes to selling my house I'm willing to follow any and all advice, omens, old wives tales, etc. So, I bought a bunch of yellow flowers and went to town.
I had planted these pink flowery bushes last fall I think, and to my surprise they are thriving. It's simply because they need absolutely no care from me whatsoever because I haven't even bothered to water them in months. So whatever they are, they're worth planting in Texas. At the same time I planted them I planted some little flowers in the bed pictured above and they never did anything so I assumed they died...but you can see tiny little green plants coming up in the corner so apparently not. Go me.
 This is the flower bed I built. I left a big hole back there in the back because I bought one more bush to go back there but took the photo before. It has now been planted and stuff, but I'm too lazy to walk outside and take a new photo. I also planted the purple flowers Kate picked out in the metal tub over there, which is staying. I poked holes in it for drainage. Didn't cost me anything - that metal tub actually blew up into our yard one time after a big storm and I stuck it in the shed. Now it's being put to use. You'll also notice at the front left a tiny little green and purple plant - that's some sort of weed that pops up in my yard every year with these pretty little purple flowers and we always mow over it. But since it's kind of cute, I decided to dig it up and stick it in the flower bed. It's a weed, so it perked right now. It's called a grape something or another...I saw it online one time. color.
 I also planted these two dark green ground cover-type plants at the same time as the pink ones and then ignored them as well...and now they're producing lavender blooms. Now if Kate can just remind me every day to water the marigolds we will be all set. Otherwise I'm going to have to keep buying more to replace the ones that die when I forget about them. Gardening is not my strong suit.

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