Monday, March 25, 2013

The Waiting Begins!

As of Saturday mid-afternoon we are on the market.  Sunday morning during Bible class I got a text for a showing at 11:30. Sunday afternoon we drove around scouting out houses. This morning we received feedback that although the house was nice they didn't realize the garage was converted and that wouldn't work for them. Today we've had a showing at 3:15 (although they showed up at 2:45 and nearly made me have a heart attack, more on that in a minute) and now I just got a text that we have another showing at 6:00 today. Three in two days!!  Our realtor warned/informed us that the market is really busy right now, so I'm hoping that this doesn't take long at all. I'm anxious and ready to start looking at houses!

So today I received a text at 2:15ish requesting a 3:15 showing appointment. I had literally just microwaved bacon for a sandwich (good call) so I inhaled my sandwich, did a quick clean of the toilets, and then grabbed the vacuum cleaner and went to town. My poor Dyson may not survive all this vacuuming if the house doesn't sell quickly. I finished vacuuming and decided to wipe down the kitchen counters, so at 2:45 I did a time check and was literally wiping the last of the kitchen counters when I heard a tapping at the door. Rather than rationally go open the door and inform the people that I was on my way out, I panicked, threw the cleaner under the sink, stuffed the paper towels in my pocket and grabbed Maddie and my keys as I ran out the back door. I got out before they opened the door and we left. 

I have NO idea why I reacted that way. You would think that I was a burglar caught in someone else's home. Once I got in the car I realized how utterly ridiculous it was and it became quite funny, so I had to call my Mom so she could laugh at me too. Since I couldn't actually go to a store, Maddie and I drove around and gassed up the van until we could come back home around 3:35. Thank goodness the rest of the house was in order. 

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{S} said...

LOL!! Good Luck!