Thursday, March 28, 2013


I now answer to another name along with all the other names I have previously answered to: Cinderella. That's pretty much how I feel now, 5 days into this house selling process. We went live Saturday afternoon you know, and since then we have had six showings and another one this evening. There's been at least one a day and some days two since then. We've had some feedback - one "no" because they didn't like the layout, and three "no"s because they didn't realize the garage was converted. Um, READ THE LISTING people. I vacuumed my house for you! Don't waste my time. We've had one couple who absolutely loved it and have been talking with their bank, last we heard they didn't like what their payments would be. So does that mean they're still shopping for a loan? Still interested in the house? Moving on? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?? (They do not realize I'm neurotic at times.)  We've had one showing that we're still waiting on some sort of feedback, and then the one today.

Since Saturday I've vacuumed my house eight times (and I keep picking up silly pet hair - good grief!), I've wiped down my counters, I've scrubbed the door frame where we walk, I put away our toiletries in the mornings only to pull them back out at night, I make my bed all fancy with useless pillows, etc. It's exhausting. I MOWED MY DANG YARD THIS MORNING! First time in my life. Push mower.

Because I want to keep things tidy I'm not letting Kate do anything crafty or messy, and I try to keep the number of toys she plays with to a minimum. I can't work on any projects for fear of making a mess. Everything must be in its place. I walk around the house with a sponge some days just scrubbing random surfaces because I spotted a spec of dirt. It's insane. I have gone over to the dark place.

When I am not cleaning something, I am sitting at the computer looking at the same handful of houses that have been on the market since we started looking, and some that are new, and some that I liked that have already sold, and I've even looked at houses in towns we will never live in because I'm tired of looking at the same ones that are for sale here. They should be required to at least update the photos every so often.

Nick and I have done scouting recon missions (AKA drive-bys) of the houses on our list so we could either bump it up on the list or mark it off based on neighborhood, street business, and neighbor's junk that I don't want to stare at forever. Houses on streets that are lined with cars immediately get marked off. It's a major pet peeve of mine to not be able to drive down the street because of all the cars parked everywhere, plus it's tacky and ugly looking.

All this and it's Five!  Last night I even had a little mental breakdown and Nick let me cry because I'm just so dang stressed and tired and feel a little bit in limbo. So i had a good cry and let it out and felt better afterward.  I may not survive if this takes very long. I will need some serious therapy and multiple prescriptions by then.

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