Friday, March 29, 2013

First Zoo Trip of 2013

We had a day of nice enough weather last week that Kate and I decided to take our first trip to the zoo of the year. I just renewed our memberships so we will have many more trips coming in the next few months until it gets too hot.
 We had to go check on the Zoo's baby greater one-horned rhino, Asha, to see how she had grown since we last saw her. She was sleeping with her mommy when we got over there, but after whistling for a little bit I got her to stand up and come see what all the noise was about. Momma rhino never budged, but that didn't stop Kate from trying to whistle to wake momma up.

Our trips to the zoo are not complete until we've ridden the carousel and train. Today was no exception. Kate loves them both!

 The big alligator was laying right up against the glass this time instead of back at the back in his usual spot, and one of the very large snapping turtles was underneath him. While we were standing there the turtle, not once but twice, floated up and snapped at the alligator on his foot. You can imagine how he jumped and so did we! But he stayed right where he was. Brave turtle. They're probably good friends by now.
 Of all the animal statues in the zoo, the one of the zoo's first baby elephant, Bonnie, is Kate's favorite. She's always so annoyed when other kids are touching or playing with her statue.

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