Saturday, March 30, 2013

Her Best Friend

Cassidy is Kate's best friend. She was born just four months after Kate and for Kate it was love at first sight for her new friend. They've spent three years running around the church auditorium together, going to Bible class and various playdates and attending each other's birthday parties. Cassidy just turned three and her party was Thursday evening. Kate was so very excited to be going to Cassidy's party and even brought a special treat that she made with Yiayia and Nana for the party.

Then we arrived.

I am pretty sure that in Kate's mind she would get to Cassidy's house and no one but she and Cassidy would be there to play and have fun together. In reality we were very late because of traffic and there were already lots of other kids and parents there, and Kate wasn't too happy about that. She clung to me for a while (mind you, every single one of these people in attendance Kate knows from church.) and then stuck as close to Cassidy as she could.
As the party progressed she came around and finally when people started to leave she really got excited. Now she didn't have to share her precious Cassidy as much! She ended up playing dress up in Cassidy's room with Cassidy's cousin and Natalie after she and Cassidy had a wild giggly game of ball in the kitchen that consisted of Kate throwing a big bouncy ball at Cassidy, hitting her, and both of them erupting in crazy giggles. They are very silly girls.

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