Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter at Yiayia's

Easter morning we woke up and Kate crept into the living room to see if she had a visitor during the night, and she certainly did! She had a nice little Tinkerbell bucket full of new swim floaties, some clothes, and some coloring and art supplies.
After church we headed out to Yiayia's house for some yummy lunch (old standard of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and rolls) as well as a yummy bunny carrot cake (made by Karyn) and some lemon pie.  When we arrived, the Easter bunny had been there as well and Kate was able to hunt eggs that were hidden all over the house after she looked through the massive pile of stuff the bunny had left for her there. There were also little tiny fuzzy chicks hiding all over the house. All of the eggs had treats inside, so after lunch Kate sat down to open each one and sort her candy. They all had confetti as well and eventually the confetti ended up all over the living room and each of us as Kate threw it in the air and yelled "happy new year!".
We had to dye eggs as well, so Karyn brought some shaving cream so we could try a technique she has seen on Pinterest but it didn't work out as great as we had hoped. She ended up playing in the shaving cream anyway so it wasn't a total loss, but Kate would have nothing to do with it since it meant she'd have to get her hands dirty. So I ended up coloring the eggs the old fashioned way.
We hid 88 plastic eggs in the front and back yard this year and every single one of them was just for Kate. She definitely had her exercise running all over the yards and finding the eggs. Then she spent some quality time on the swing before it was time to go to church again.

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