Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Disney World 2013: Hollywood Studios

This morning we hit our first theme park, Hollywood Studios. It was a gorgeous day, weather-wise (and time even a little hot), and the crowds weren't too terrible. As we were waiting to go in, Donald and Daisy walked by and waved to Kate but we didn't get to officially meet them yet. We started the day by meeting Chip 'n Dale, Goofy and Pluto, then later met Sorcerer Mickey, Mr. Incredible and Frozone. Then right before we left we were able to meet Buzz Lightyear and Woody. In all Kate has 9 signatures in her autograph book so far. 
 I will say this: she is NOT a fan of the characters. She wants to know why they don't talk (non-people characters do not speak), she wants to know why they are so big, and she doesn't want them to touch her. Mickey was able to get her to laugh which was good since she was crying before she got to him. Goofy scared her because he was so tall, but he knelt down for us and that eased her fear just a bit.
We did pretty good getting her to at least acknowledge the camera most of the time until we got to Buzz and Woody. Woody  is TALL. Like really, really tall. And when we turned the corner for her to meet them, she went into panic mode. She actually literally screamed out loud and that's when Woody covered his eyes. So I got her book signed and we didn't even attempt a decent photo. Of course by then it was approaching 2:30, she was absolutely exhausted, and we were hot and all thirsty. So that didn't help. But he was freakishly tall, I'll give her that.
Nick and Will rode the Star Tours roller coaster, Tower of Terror, and the Aerosmith Rockin' roller coaster. Heather and I took a drawing class and walked away with our own drawing of Tigger. We watched the Little Mermaid show (well everyone but Kate and Nick, because she was scared) and then we all watched the Disney Junior Live show, which was a lot of fun. Kate really enjoyed that one. She and Olivia also spent a long time in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground, and I think they would have just stayed there all day long if we had let them.

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{S} said...

aww! so cute! She'll love hearing these stories later in her life. Her questions are so very intelligent ones. She's very inquisitive.