Monday, March 4, 2013

Disney World 2013: Downtown Disney

We spent Monday at Downtown Disney because it is free to go shopping and walk around there. The girls rode a little train and the carousel, but otherwise we shopped and got huge, amazingly delicious sundaes at Ghirardelli. 
 Aunt Karyn had sent Kate a gift card to spend while she was at Disney World and she originally had wanted a wand, but when she spotted all the Mickey Mouse ears, specifically the white wedding ears (that she calls Princess ears), she quickly changed her mind and decided she wanted those. She pranced all over the store in her princess ears. Occasionally she'd get tired of wearing them, so at some point during the day Heather had them on for a while and I wore them for a while (and people kept asking if I'd just gotten married) and even Nick wore them for a little bit.
 There's no lack of shops and photo opportunities everywhere you turn around here. There are tons of cool statues to stand by and climb on, despite the "No Climbing" signs.
 The Characters in Flight balloon is visible from all parts of Downtown Disney when it is in the air. It's maximum height is 400 feet. I was completely intrigued by it and decided, the closer we got, that I wanted to go up. I paid my $18 and waited nervously for my turn. I could not resist the photo opportunities from 400 feet. You could see everything!
 I was not disappointed! It was pretty amazing and the only really scary part is when we were landing and the balloon started swaying back and forth - Heather said it looked pretty scary from their vantage point.
I circled where Nick, Kate, Heather, Will and Olivia sat and waited for me while I defied gravity in the balloon.

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{S} said...

I would totally go up in that balloon just for the photo ops! LOL! Kate is so dang cute! those ears are perfect for her.