Monday, March 4, 2013

Disney World 2013: Animal Kingdom Lodge

We are staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge in Kidani Village. Our room has a view of the Pembe savanna, so we can walk out onto our balcony and watch the animals. We can see wildebeests, zebras, some type of cattle with horns, big huge birds, a type of deer and other things just below us. The girls have loved going out onto the balcony to see if they can spot a new animal. When we arrived there were three warthogs out there and they were so happy to see "Pumbaa".

The hotel itself is beautiful! It's comprised of two different areas, and we traveled over to the Jambo house last night to eat dinner. The Jambo House is the main resort house so the lobby over there is far grander than ours (which is still nice) and while we were there we happened to be in time for the kids to participate in a little parade around the lobby with an African drum line and other African instruments. Olivia loved that! Kate was not such a fan of the loud noise.
Today we actually went out to the pool for a little bit, but it was kind of chilly once you got out of the water so we didn't stay long. The girls didn't care but the adults weren't so enthusiastic about it.
Our room has a small kitchen complete not only a full size fridge and microwave, but a stove and oven, sink, dishwasher, and some pots and pans. We could cook, if we felt so inclined! We also have a washer and dryer in the room, so we've done three loads of laundry so far. Nice! We have two bathrooms so we don't all have to share one. It's a really nice room and I would definitely stay here again.

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