Sunday, March 3, 2013

Road trip: Headed to Mobile

We arrived to our destination for the night and checked into our room around 4:30 yesterday after, just about 12 hours ago. We had a pretty decent trip in. Kate did well with her Leap Pad to keep her occupied, so she only complained a small number of times about the car. She did ask if we were at the hotel yet about 200 times though.
She enjoyed crossing the big bridge into Mississippi and asked if we could drive across the big black bridge next to us (for the trains) instead. We stopped at Dairy Queen for lunch and drive past a car accident that had just happened, though no one appeared injured despite a small SUV resting on its side in the middle of the intersection.
Alabama is cold and dreary...we barely saw any sunshine all day. The wind chill made it 29 when we arrived! Yikes.

Kate was very excited to be in our hotel room finally, and since we were all cold she promptly snuggled up in the bed. We made a quick run to Walmart before finding dinner at El Rancho Mexican restaurant and then I was asleep by 9. I don't think Nick and Kate were...which means I get first shift driving today. Next stop, Lithia! 517 miles to go.

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