Friday, March 1, 2013

My fancy(er) Shed

Kate and I went to Home Depot the other day to find a solution to my shed door dilemma. From my previous post you know I was just not 100% pleased with the look of the I was determined to wander around Home Depot until something great stuck out at me. I had measured all my openings and even remembered to bring my tape measure with me to the store (although I forgot my wallet, which we didn't discover until checking out, had to run home and grab it, and then go back...), but I had the tape measure!

In the lumber aisle I found packs of pine wainscoting with 12 pieces per pack for $10.78 and the length was exactly what I needed. I determined based on each board's width that I would need two packs, bought them and brought them home. These are the kind with the little groove on one edge and they fit together, but if I had snapped them together I would have had a large gap that would have required an extra pack of wainscoting AND cutting pieces down to half size to fit, neither of which I was willing to do. So, I left about a 1/2" of space between each board. I nailed them in place (with 4 staggered nails, in case you were wondering - they are secure) and then I grabbed the paint and slapped two coats of brown on top. The final look? I love it! Covers the ugly part and cost me less than $25.



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