Monday, February 25, 2013

Painting Closets

I've slowly been checking off the list of things to do to the house so that we can get it listed. I try to get the most accomplished on the days when Kate is with Yiayia, and she stayed home most of last week because she has had a cold. So I felt like I really needed to kick it in high gear today and finish up some of the things I've been putting off.

I started this morning by thanking God for clearing out the rain so I could paint the inside of the shed doors. Then I moved a 50 pound bag of play sand that has been taking up residence in my shed to the front flower bed and dumped it out. (Yay for new wheelbarrow wheels). I finished spreading out the dirt in the new flower bed and picked up some more limbs that were lingering from the hedge trimming that took place Saturday. Nick trimmed all the bushes and hedges after I spent a couple of hours finishing moving dirt into the new flower bed and digging up all the grass there.

Next on my agenda for the day was to fix a couple of plastic connectors in the shelving in our master closet. I had to call Closetmaid to get replacements for the parts that had broken over time a few weeks ago. I took out a large chunk of Nick's shirts so they'd be out of my way while I was taking apart the connectors and replacing them, and that's when I really noticed how bad the walls looked in the closet. Apparently at some point in the past I had puttied several holes in there but never painted, and there were more than a few scuff marks from hangers and suitcases and shoes being tossed in. So I proceeded to empty the entire closet onto our bed (man we have a lot of clothes, which is odd because I never have anything I want to wear) and then pulled the gallon of paint that was left from painting two of the bedroom walls from the shed and hoped that there was enough to do this little room.

Turns out there wasn't quite enough....but I'm smart and so I painted the whole closet except for the section under the bottom tier of shelving on two sides - which you can't tell because it is covered with clothes. This also happened to be the place where the previous paint job looked the best, so it's all good.
I threw away the cheap little shelf that was holding Nick's shoes and put them on the top of the big shelf when I was finished, so now there's nothing on the floor (one of the tips from our realtor). It does look much bigger in there now, and even with clothes blocking most of the walls it looks a lot nicer.

Because I like to cross things off my list, I had to add "paint master closet" to the list today just so I could draw a line through it.

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