Friday, May 17, 2013

Dresser Re-do!

In my quest to get my money's worth out of the moving company we hired, I keep buying furniture.  This piece is going to be Kate's dresser. She has an antique dresser and trunk coming from Yiayia's house and Bill is painting the bed to match both of those pieces. But the antique dresser doesn't have much storage space, so she needed a little bit more. I was browsing Lone Star Antiques one day and came across this little guy for only $52. He was already the proper color, but once I got him home I realized that there was no protection on the paint so it was showing fingerprints immediately.
It was also flat paint, which meant that I couldn't just rub the dirtiness I repainted the whole thing.
Because I could, and because I can't do anything simply, I also took a slightly darker-than-cream colored paint and stenciled a lovely little corner design on each of the drawers (I purposely did one off to the other side, thank-you-very-much) and then also on all four corners at the top.
I was originally going to take the hardware off and spray paint it, but those handles were NOT budging. I assumed with my luck I would damage the drawers trying to pry them off so they stayed as-is and I painted around them with a tiny paintbrush.
I finished the whole look off by rubbing some of my antique glaze over the whole finish, to give it that old "dirty" look.  Right now this piece is sitting in my bedroom and holding my clothes because I sould the black wardrobe and nightstand online that I was previously using. See, I'm not just buying furniture, I'm selling it too!

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