Friday, May 17, 2013

I finished my table!

Remember the table I bought on my big garage sale day adventure? No? That's because I didn't show it to you. And I didn't remember to take a photo of it before I painted it. In my defense, once I had man-handled it out of the back of my van all by myself, rolled it into the backyard and laid it upside-down, all alone, I did have a quick thought that I should take a before shot. But there was no way I was flipping it back over all alone (it's heavy!) and then the thought left me.

So imagine, if you will, four scratched up and ugly dark brown legs attached to a wood top that is for all practical purposes in really good shape. The legs, no, the top, yes.  Then picture me painting the legs the same blue color of the table in the living room, Tropical Tide I believe it is called, because I love that color. Then look at what happens after you go crazy with the sanding and the antique glaze:
 Just for kicks, picture me rolling the table up to the back door only to have Kate inform me that it isn't going to fit through the back door.  Now let's imagine that I have to roll the table back around to the side of the house, after I measure and determine that the side door is wider. Then picture me shove it up two steps in one quick motion and once I get this monstrosity inside, I realize there is no way this thing is going to go through our laundry room and into the kitchen.
 So yes, our table is sitting in the office because that's where it is. But I love the way the legs turned out! I wanted them to be extra "dirty" and aged...and I achieved it.  The top is staying brown because it really is in great shape. I screwed a board underneath to hold the table together because it originally had a leaf but the guy I bought it from did not still have that. Look at the placemats I found at an antique shop! They're not antique, but still, they are SO CUTE!!
Now I need chairs.

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