Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Getting Crafty: Recycling a lampshade

Kate's new room is going to be oh-so-fabulous when we move. She's getting all kinds of new furniture thanks to some hand-me-downs from Yiayia and a few things I've picked up at antique stores the past few weeks. I also found a super cute comforter set on clearance at Kohls (who has some of the best clearance racks ever) that is white and has all different colors of polka dots on it. Shortly after finding her comforter we were at Goodwill (shocker) and I found a round lamp that sort of looked like a big polka dot for $3. Yay! Only problem was there was no lampshade. Have no fear! Goodwill has plenty of those too!
 We picked out this one. I know, super ugly.....and sad. Boring and tired burgundy with some ugly brocade ribbon trim. I can fix that, no problem.
 I stripped her bare, which was great for getting out some frustration because I had to cut and really pull some of that stuff off of there. Kate and I had visited Michaels earlier where I had picked out all different ribbons in the same colors that are in her comforter set. I set up my glue gun and went to town.
 I just wrapped and wrapped as I felt like it. I layered the colors on top of each other, went around and around, until I was happy with the amount of coverage. I didn't want it to be completely full, but I wanted a decent amount of coverage for her lamp.
 When it's all lit up, it looks so pretty! But I love the way it looks when turned off as well. The lamp had a 60 watt light bulb in it when we bought it, which I will replace with a much lower wattage bulb for a few reasons: 60 watts gets hot fast and Kate could easily burn her finger, I want to use this as a night light of sorts so it doesn't need to be too bright, and if it stays on for a long time with 60 watts I'm afraid the hot glue will soften too much and all my hard work will melt away.
We totally forgot to buy a bulb while at Walmart just a little bit ago.

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