Monday, May 13, 2013

Van Grow Art Studio

So I got all social-like and joined a small mom's group on Facebook. It's local ladies with kids and they plan meet-ups and play dates. I figured it might help Kate get out of some of her shyness around others and also a good way for us to find stuff to do...and I was right. The first new place we have discovered is Van Grow Art Studio for kids. Last week we had a play date there and each got to paint a piece of pottery. We left the pieces with them so they could fire them and now I'm just patiently waiting on the call that we can go pick up our stuff. They don't just do pottery though, they have kids painting classes and other craft things. You can even have birthday parties there. Maybe in the future.....
 Kate selected a princess statue to paint for her room. She picked out pink, purple, and yellow for her piece originally, but as we progressed she kept asking for more colors.
 Of course I chose my own piece to do as well. On Fridays they have a buy one get one half off special, so we did both of our pieces for $29.  This also kept me from wanting to take Kate's brush away and paint her princess the proper way. I have issues.
I can't wait to see what they look like once they're fired!

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