Sunday, May 12, 2013

Zoo Day with Livi

Last Sunday Heather, Olivia, Jo-Jo and Don-Don drove up from Mount Pleasant to go to the Fort Worth Zoo with us all. Despite being a little chilly that morning we ended up with gorgeous weather for the day, and while a little crowded the zoo really wasn't all that bad. We got to hear the youngest male lion roar along with the older male lion, which the zookeeper told us that was only the second time he had "answered" the older lion's roar with his own. That was pretty cool to hear!
 We have to ride the train and carousel every single zoo trip. You just can't go to the zoo without riding them.
 We also have to visit Kate's favorite statue of Bonnie, the baby elephant that was born at the zoo a long time ago. She always gives Bonnie a kiss on the head.

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