Friday, May 10, 2013

Lunch with Pop

Yesterday Kate and I went to Forney to see Pop and have lunch. She hadn't been to see him in a while, and it was important that we check in on him.

See a week or so ago Pop had another heart attack, and although it was a very mild one it was still enough to scare us all. Dad has a very serious family history of heart disease, having lost his father as a teenager and his brother of a massive heart attack, both men in their 40s when they passed. Dad has had heart attacks in the past, so when my brother called to tell me he was in the hospital with another my heart sank and I couldn't help but wonder if this was "the one". Even though he was okay at the time, you often will hear about someone having a small attack before a big one, and in my imagination I was already trying to figure out how we would manage life without Pop.
I have an amazing support group of friends, and my very first response was to call upon them to pray. I knew they would and they constantly wanted updates on Dad's condition as the next few days progressed. We found out the following morning that he has two blockages, one at 80% and one at 90%. Things get very real when you hear that. The doctors were able to put in two stents that so far have done their job of opening the arteries and Dad hasn't had anymore problems since then. Nick and I went to visit him the day after right after his procedure, but we didn't take Kate with us that day and ever since he was sick she has been asking to see him.
We are so very thankful that he is going great. He isn't allowed to go back to work yet and his body is still recovering from everything it has gone through, but we still have Pop and that's all that matters.

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