Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Magazine Table

A couple of weeks ago a lady posted this adorable and very unusual magazine rack, as she called it, on a swap site online. I knew I just had to have it, so I paid her $30 and went to the ghetto to pick it up. Seriously. Anyway, yesterday I was super productive while Kate was with Yiayia and painted my little magazine cabinet.

I took a before shot! Well, sort of before. I had already sanded it here. It had a very slick finish so I decided to grab the 220 sanding block and go to town.
 Don't you just love the lines? The wood on the side racks is curved too. And the legs are perfectly detailed spindles. The lady I bought it from said that her grandmother or aunt, I can't remember which, bought it at an antique store in Illinois a long time ago. Of course you know I painted it Tropical Tide. It's my color.
 While I was painting I noticed a tag stuck to the bottom. It says "Magazine Table $135.00". Score!
 For my distressing today I whipped out the power tools and put my Dremel to use. This was the first time I've used the sanding tip on it, and it worked really well. So far I've only used my Dremel to carve pumpkins.
 Ta-daaa! A beautiful little magazine table.  We are going to use this to hold our printer in the office. I think it will be perfect!

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