Thursday, May 23, 2013

No Wind Day

Finally we got a break from the wind and rain yesterday so I could get outside and spray paint! I had a couple of pieces that were in need of some spray action, but with all the crazy weather we've been having it just hasn't been possible.

I bought this little gold plastic side table at an antique store a week or so ago because it was only $22. Karyn actually spotted it first, but she passed so I grabbed it. It's so decorative and ornate! Plus since it's plastic, if it ends up as a decorative piece on the back deck it's all good. I opened my big Rubbermaid of spray paint and let Kate sort of pick the color. She naturally chose the hot pink and I didn't want it to end up hot pink, so I talked her into this pretty teal instead.
I love how ornate the top is! If I get tired of it being a little side table, I'll just unscrew the legs from the bottom and hang it on the wall or something. It's really pretty!

Here is her little wicker couch now, minus the princess cushion that Nana created for it to replace the ugly bumblebee one that came with it:
Wicker is really annoying to spray paint. It doesn't seem to matter how many times you flip it around, you still manage to find a spot of unpainted wicker every twist and turn. I think I finally got all the major areas completely covered.

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