Friday, May 3, 2013

Time for your check-up

Yesterday was inspection day at Brookside, our dear little 34-year-old abode.  In preparation for the big event, I had pulled our inspection report from when we purchased her seven years ago and went through everything that came up at that time. Some of the things we had taken care of long ago, but there were a few things that weren't any big deal but I decided that given the age of our home the fewer issues to report upon inspection the better off we would be, so Bill came over and went down the list fairly quickly in fixing all the little annoyances so they wouldn't be an issue. All I had to do was pray that she didn't have any secrets hiding from us because we certainly haven't had any known issues going on. Thankfully all went well with her check-up.  (When Kate asked what the inspection was I explained that it was like a check-up at the doctor, sort of like Doc McStuffins. She seemed satisfied with that.)

Today was the inspection at Pullman, our shiny new abode. I decided to attend the inspection not because I wanted to follow the inspector around and bug him, but because I wanted to measure some walls for furniture, walk around and talk to myself about where I was going to put certain things, spend some time really looking at closets and storage, counting kitchen cabinets for hardware, and stuff like that. It was fabulous hanging out in my new house for two hours, and although the inspector occasionally came to get me to point out minor things there was nothing that came up that was a major issue. We weren't expecting any, but you never know, right? (I couldn't resist a self-portrait in the new place...look at those floors. *love*)
In one month from today someone else take's possession of Brookside, and we will have moved all of our belongings to Pullman by then. I am SO EXCITED I can't hardly stand it. My brain is on hyper drive as I'm constantly thinking of things I want to do in the new place and trying to remember what all I have to put in places and where I'm going to store stuff and paint colors and landscaping and writing out shopping lists and constantly browsing swap sites and Craigslist and on and on and on. Nick is pretty sure I'm crazy. I'm okay with that.

By the way, we used for our inspection today. Victor took care of us and he was fabulous. I highly recommend their services (I was able to book them next day!) if you are local to the Fort Worth area.

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