Friday, June 28, 2013

Composite Granite

The one thing that I really, really hated about our new house was the kitchen sink. Let me show you why:
 It was an old, ugly, white cast iron sink with scratches and nicks and chips and ickiness that even Comet wouldn't get out. You know if Comet doesn't clean something, it is pretty far gone.
 The two drains didn't even match. One was nasty stainless-ish steel and the other was white that didn't match the sink color. Both were gross.
 There were these places where it looked like paint had pulled away from the sink, almost like someone in the past decided that painting a sink would be a better alternative to just replacing a sink. Well, they failed.
 The faucet....this brushed nickel piece of Delta wimpiness was not a favorite of mine. First of all it had a built-in sprayer...which you control with a plastic button on each side of the end of the nozzle. Cheap? Yes. Ugly? Yes. Weak spray? YES. I despised it.
So when our escrow overage check came in, I pretty much went straight to Lowe's the day it cleared the bank and we bought a new sink.
Black composite granite.

I just love the way it sounds. So fancy, without even having to see it. I also needed a new faucet, something in oil-rubbed bronze to match the rest of my fixtures. I had picked out a Delta that I spotted at Home Depot one day, but then I went to and found the same faucet much cheaper (even with shipping) so I ordered it there.
Look at her. She's so pretty. So clean, so scratches of chips or ugliness. 

I love the faucet with her separate sprayer. No more useless soap dispenser mounted in the sink.  The faucet is plenty tall to stick a large pot in the sink to fill up.
Let's take a moment to discuss these little drain thingies. Sinks don't come with them. Neither do faucets. That fact didn't occur to me until Bill showed up today to install everything and reminded me (because he forgot to mention) that I needed to run to Home Depot right then and get them, otherwise he would be stuck with reinstalling the ugliness that was already there. Well there was no way that was happening. After I went down the wrong aisle in the plumbing department and finally asked someone where they had them hidden, I stood in front of 12 different selections of stainless steel, chrome, and brushed nickel drain thingies.'s not going to work. So I had to track down little plumbing guy again and he informed me that" oh yeah, there were some back there too" and off I went to find a black or oil-rubbed bronze set. They are....well, let's just say they cost more than the ugly chrome ones and almost as much as what I paid for my faucet. Oh sure, there's a cheap set of "slate" ones that are plastic, but hello?! Plastic doesn't belong in my composite granite sink. But look how pretty!
 Kate went with us the day we shopped for sinks and stuff...we also picked out storm doors that day and she found herself a new ceiling fan. The seriously ugly fan in our guest room ended up dying (it was going away regardless) so I decided to move Kate's little black and chrome fan into the guest room and we would buy a new fan for her room....and this is what she chose:
 It's pretty much the most precious fan that ever existed...and it was $99. She has expensive taste. But she's worth it. The little lampshades are pink too, of course, and it even came with cute little pink and white chain pulls.
Thank you Bill for installing all my fun new toys today and letting me help you! I'm pretty confident that if my life depended on it, I could now install a sink and garbage disposal.

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