Thursday, June 20, 2013

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom was a big blank slate when we moved in. All neutral, lacking in adequate storage space and just sort of boring. Blah blah builder grade. I'd love to get some serious cash to go crazy with a new stone or tile shower/tub situation...and a better vanity area, like some awesome huge piece of furniture turned bathroom vanity. For now, a girl has to dream.
The only storage space in the bathroom was under each sink, and of course that area has plumbing right smack in the middle of it, and these three white shelves above the toilet which I assume they meant for towel usage but they were about 6" deep - not really great for towels. So the first thing I knew I was going to do in this space was add a storage cabinet above the toilet. It was slightly over 30" wide, which meant I bought a 30" cabinet and Bill slid it in there pretty much just barely. I like to get a good fit. 
 So here's my cabinet now, which I painted and mod-podged scrapbook paper on the doors to give it some pizzazz before we actually moved into the house. This cabinet was one of the day one projects I gave to Bill and you should've seen me, Bill, and my Mom crammed into this tiny spot trying to hang this cabinet. It was a tight fit...and we giggled a lot but we made it work.  Then I took the same paint that I used one the fireplace and painted this corner to make it interesting.
That's another one of my Goodwill mirror finds, by the way. It started out hideously gold and I fixed that right up. Let's talk about my towel storage tower. The cabinet above the toilet was originally intended to be for towels...and then I realized that we had no where to put medicines and bathroom cleaner out of the reach of a certain toddler. So I had to find another solution for the towels so that the hazardous stuff could go above the toilet. I found this shelf unit at Home depot; it's part of the Closetmaid line that hangs on their track system. I didn't want it to just sit on the floor but also didn't want it just to be floating in space either, so I headed over to lumber and picked up a couple of unfinished table legs and painted them bright white to match the trim.
 I like the way it turned out. Yesterday Kate and I headed out to Lake Worth to check out the Hobby Lobby out there because they have a ton of stuff at 80% off right now. I found this huge glass lantern for $14, regular $74.99. I have been wanting one to set on the edge of my tub even before I found this house...I knew it was something I would need in my life.

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{S} said...

your new home is coming along beautifully and very quickly!
You haven't (that Ive seen) mentioned how Kate and the pets have adjusted to moving and whether or not you have great neighbors.
I've always sort of liked waking up the first morning in a new house. There is something special about it.