Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More house progress

Let's begin today's tour in the kitchen. For some reason I didn't take any pictures of the kitchen while it was completely empty, so these pics are from one week in.  Yes, my toolbox has a temporary home on the counter. I keep hanging things so I just haven't moved it to its home in the garage yet.  
 My pantry.......LOVE my pantry. Look at the organization! Look at those neatly stacked plastic storage containers! Wonder how long that will last?  Speaking of organization, one night after we moved in while Nick was gone to New Orleans and Kate was staying with Yiayia, I went to Lowe's, dropped $150ish on some organizational kitchen items and stayed up until 4 AM making my kitchen fabulous. I had You've Got Mail and My Big Fat Greek Wedding going in the background, and it was heavenly. I will take pics of that later...but prepare yourself to be jealous.
 Then the other day after consulting with Heather via text, I decided to hang my cross collection at the top of the kitchen above the cabinets. I don't have those extra tall 42" cabinets (future reno?) so there was a ton of space up there and it was very blank and very white. I can't handle that. But I also didn't want to hang a traditional cross collage wall like so many do with them, yet I wasn't prepared to part with these because most of them here were given to me by special people and I love they found a new home along the top of my cabinets.
 Moving on to the living we are on day one:
 ....and here we are one week later, with what I lovingly referred to as the redneck/broke college kid look with the random bench, two curb rescued chairs, and old broken down el cheapo love seat that I think we got at The Roomstore a long time ago.  It served as a ghetto place to hang out and sit though.
 Here we are now, with our new Haverty's Italian leather sofa and recliner set, my perfectly laser-level hung Ikea lack shelves, and more accent paint around the fireplace.
 Mom and I had painted the inset above the mantle ledge (I really need to put a real mantle there) but while sitting around one day my stepdad commented that the whole fireplace area should be another accent color to really make it stand out, and he was so right! I happened upon this lovely lighter shade of teal paint in the marked down section at Walmart one day (it was fate!) and ta-daaa! Perfect.  I'm still playing around with knick-knack placements.
 Look at my beautiful furniture. It smells incredible, like a western store.  The rug was not my first choice, but Nick literally hated the rug I loved so I picked three and he chose this one out of the three. I kind of like that it adds a darker shade of blue to the mix, so I can add other dark blues in to the stuff on the shelves without it looking odd.Both ends of the sofa power recline and the recliner also glides but is not power. I love them.
 Have I mentioned how perfectly level my lack shelves are? It's a work of beauty, I tell you. As is my little $10 side table. I'm not loving the Paris lamp but for now I don't have another one to stick in its place. I'm on the hunt for a fabulous big old lamp at Goodwill that I can paint.

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