Sunday, August 4, 2013

First Pedicure

Last week I needed a pedicure before I headed to my scrapbook weekend (one cannot be creative with ugly toes), so I decided to take Kate with me for her first pedicure. She was very excited that we were going to get our toes done and she told me over and over how brave she was going to be and let the woman there paint her toenails...

and then we got there.

Kate pretty much distrusts everyone she doesn't know. Strangers shouldn't even bother to say hello or comment on how cute she is or anything - she looks at them like they are a bug and usually buries her face in my hip.

There was one experience in particular that happened at an antique mall I took her to one day. There was a lady there working on her booth, and as we walked by she said hello to Kate and commented on her cute little bunny rabbit. The only problem was that Kate wasn't holding a bunny rabbit, she had Boo Kitty with her so as we walked away (and Kate ignored her of course) she whispered to me "Mommy it's a cat." and I told her it was ok, because the woman couldn't tell. We crossed paths with this same woman again and she once again tried to get Kate to talk to her and said something about her bunny rabbit. Kate grew more annoyed. Finally on the third time we encountered this woman, when she once again spoke to Kate and her "bunny," Kate very loudly and sternly said "IT'S A CAT!!!" and I'm almost surprised she didn't follow that with "moron" because the tone was definitely implied. I nearly died. But honestly, I can't blame her. This woman was getting on my nerves too.

Anyway, back to the pedicure lady...she was so sweet to Kate and showed her what she was going to do and we let her watch as Mommy got a pedicure. I kept telling her that they weren't going to do all the same stuff to her that they were doing to Mommy, but she pretty much decided right away that she wasn't having it. Eventually we convinced her to sit in the chair next to me, but even that took great effort.

I finished my pedicure and somehow the lady talked Kate into letting her paint her toenails. She didn't do anything else but just got to work, and surprisingly enough Kate sat there for her. She let a stranger touch her! I was shocked. First foot went ok, and then as she moved to the second foot Kate started to lose her composure. When the woman took Kate's hand to try to start painting her fingernails, she managed to get one pinky finished before Kate lost it and began crying. I have no idea why - the woman wasn't hurting her. But that's my kid.
So I managed a couple of photos from my perch under the black light, and I will not be taking Kate back for another pedicure for a long time.

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