Saturday, August 3, 2013

Front Door Makeover

Once the storm doors were up, I decided that the front door needed a little bit of something extra. Well, NEED might be a stretch, but I decided I wanted it to have a little something extra. The transom above the door just sort of got lost up there, and it isn't the most attractive transom ever. Without knocking out a window and replacing it, which was not even in the realm of possibility right now, I decided paint would have to do the trick.
There was this awkward flat, blank space between the top of the door and the transom, so i had two iron scrolly pieces I had picked up at Hobby lobby sometime in the past and I decided that I would attach them to this area to give it a little extra something. So far I have left them rusty, like the were when I bought them. I can't decided if I'd like them better black like the wood, so they just sort of blend in but still give it a little something, or if I will leave them like this. Or if they should be some other color than black? I don't know. But until I decide I will not to anything to them.
I like it. The rest of the porch are needs some love. Maybe a bench? At the very least some large flower pots and flowers or something. I haven't found just the right thing yet. I'm also not sure if I should paint the tiny bit of trim around this window black too. It's the only window surrounded by siding and now it might look good with the little black outline.

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