Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Chasing Sunsets

Last week Kate and I were in the backyard watering the crepe myrtles and i happened to notice the sky was gearing up for a great sunset. So I asked Kate if she wanted to take a break from watering to walk  to a good spot to see the sunset with Mommy and of course she agreed.
Turns out she wasn't that interested in the sunset after all (shocker). So while I took photos, Kate threw rocks.  There is no shortage of rocks around here, trust me. When we planted our crepe myrtles in the back yard we kept stumbling upon big rocks just under the grass that we chunked over the back fence.
 I didn't even know until I got home that in one of my shots, I had a little model fly by - a dragonfly.
Kate got bored and the bugs started biting, so we headed back to the house during the most beautiful part of the sunset (note to self - kids don't have patience for whole sunsets) so I had to snap a few pics as we walked back. 

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