Sunday, September 1, 2013


In July I decided it was high time I get back in the habit of some steady exercise and so I got my rear in gear. I wasn't really sure I wanted to try running again, so I've been walking although lately I've been sprinkling a little more running in there. A couple of weeks ago I even bought an 18 speed bike at Walmart and have been riding a little bit, although I'm slowly building some endurance on that because I'm not used to using those bike muscles for sure. I got a great deal though - Walmart set out some bikes on clearance that had slight issues with them, one of them being a women's mountain bike with a faulty kickstand. They had marked it down to $47, and I just happened to be going by that day to look at bikes when I spotted it. I took it as a sign, bought the bike and a more comfortable seat for it, and Bill was able to bend back the kickstand part that was messed up so it works perfectly. Pretty sweet deal I think!
Anyway, back to walking, in July I did 15.29 miles of walking in 4.7 hours during 13 different workouts. For the month of August, I tracked 34.37 miles (5.36 biking, 29.01 walking) in 9.38 hours during 21 workouts. I also bought some new shoes for exercising this month, which I have used twice now.
Each month I'm hoping to add more distance to my total, so I know I have at least 35 miles to hit for September. 

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