Saturday, November 2, 2013

MapMyWalk October Summary

Last month I mapped a total of 71.23 miles and said something about hitting 80 miles in October...which I totally did...and then some:
84.56 Total miles
22.17 Total hours
12,932 Total calories
31 workouts
I did a little more biking this month than in September. Sometimes I would ride along-side Kate and others I went out on my own and biked until it hurt too much to continue. So 13.33 miles of that was biking and the remainder was walking. I missed logging some form of activity on 6 days this month, three of which were during pumpkin carving week so I got my activity in, it was just in the form of carrying pumpkins back and forth at Yiayia's house. 
 Shall I set a November goal? It's difficult to say whether I can beat 84 miles; but I suppose I have no choice but to try. I'm determined not to lose steam during the holiday season - it's easy to get lazy and real easy to start eating all the holiday junk food that pops up everywhere and just say "oh it's just this one time of year". Yeah, well those fat cells stick around all year, not just at Christmas. So I have to be good.  I have a goal in mind for where I want to be before January 1, so I have to keep chugging along!
Oh, and just for funsies, I put this together this month:

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