Sunday, November 3, 2013

Visiting with the Sides

Ashley and Jamie Sides moved to the Czech Republic three years ago to do some mission work. They've been home a couple of times since then and right now they are on furlough which means we got to see them today at College Hill! Ashley gave a report on their work so far this evening. Susan and Jessy hosted everyone for lunch today after morning worship so we could hang out and talk. We used to do this sort of thing fairly often, have pot luck get together and stuff...then everyone started having babies and it sort of died down. I miss our frequent hang outs, so hopefully we can figure out a way to get it going again.

Naturally I took the opportunity to take a big group picture (we love them!) and some other pictures while we were hanging out.
You can't take a serious group photo without taking a silly photo.
Ok, look at these two, just about a month before Ashley and Jamie left Texas:
and look at them now! I think we have a potential betrothal on our hands - Cassidy was all about Luke today. She wanted to sit by him, hold his hand, play with him, and at some point during playtime they discussed a wedding.
 This is Paul. He was born in the Czech Republic and is 11 months old now. I was so happy to get to meet this little cutie and we got to witness some of his first steps too. He became better as the day progressed.

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